We need your feedback!

The Downtown Improvement District (DID) has commissioned a Marketing Plan to be created through the Downtown Sarasota Alliance (DSA).

The objective of this process and resulting marketing plan is to coalesce the downtown Sarasota marketing initiatives into a single unified platform.

Sarasota Underground has been tasked with managing the marketing and creative on this project so we are reaching out to the community for feedback about how to best accomplish those tasks.

Who we’re engaging

  • Non-profit partners – i.e. Chamber, Visit Sarasota, EDC, DSA, DSMA, etc
  • Business partners – i.e. Hotels, Attractions, Shops, Restaurants, etc
  • Creative partners – i.e. SRQ Underground, Immelman Consulting, local creatives, etc.
  • Contributors – i.e. Local media, bloggers, filmmakers, content creators, etc.
  • The greater community as a whole – i.e. Civic orgs, nonprofits, local contributors, etc

Built and curated by the community

The ultimate goal is to validate a new model for how cities can operate as modern (semi-public) media operations by turning their community events, civic initiatives, and philanthropic activities into a modern marketing engine for the metro area.

We will invite local organizations, businesses, civic groups, media companies and community influencers onto a single digital stage, then leverage that stage as part of a well-rounded marketing campaign to connect and promote downtown Sarasota.

Next Steps

Phase one has already been approved by the DID board which includes restructuring the DSA board and by-laws while providing funding for soliciting feedback from the community and preparing/presenting a comprehensive marketing plan to the DID board in early September.

Thanks to your feedback, our plan will take a well rounded approach that balances the needs of all residents and stakeholders.

Stay tuned for more updates as this project unfolds and be sure to share the link with everyone you know so we can get a diverse range of feedback.

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